I'm an engineer, graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan.
I worked as a Senior Researcher in a research institute of the Ministry 
of Health.
I am dedicated to safety issues in the workplace and I have gained
 a lot of experience in the safety of elevators, hospitals, schools, 
industrial facilities, power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants.
I worked at the National Research Council, in the Italian 
Electrotechnical Committee for about twenty years.
Diabetic for about forty years I devote myself to the research study 
on diabetes for about ten years.
I have developed a computer program to control diabetes, particularly
 insulin dosage, glycated hemoglobin, the coefficient Hb and a whole 
series of graphs, which reflect the course of therapy.
I'm open to discussion with anyone who shows interest to the topics
 discussed: Diabetes, Engineering and Security, Safety, Medicine, 
Football, kitchen, ..
Corrado Vinci